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How do I get involved in Primary Futures?
Schools who sign up to join our project through the website have immediate access to a growing number of volunteers who have also signed up to give a minimum of one hour a year support to a primary school.

St Lukes volunteers         vols 2






Their volunteering could cover a number of areas and could be delivered in a variety of ways. For example they could talk to groups or classes of children about their background, their journey through the world of work to their current post and how their primary school learning, particularly in literacy and numeracy, were so important. It is up to individual schools to plan their events with their volunteers communicating via the website and database, supported by Primary Futures team members and EET as appropriate. See contacts for futher details.

In order to support these events the Primary Futures site contains a number of case studies developed during Phase 1 of the project which provide practical approaches and suggestions to make this not only a successful event but also one which is ongoing as an integral part of the school year ………but only if that’s what the school chooses to do! These will continue to be added as PF develops.


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