Primary Futures commended by Prime Minister

It’s always good to have the ongoing success and growing impact of our NAHT/Education and Employers charity ‘Primary Futures project’ recognised and endorsed by senior figures from all walks of life. This support is important as we seek to build on the number of schools registered and actively using the volunteer database and as we look to increase the current 32,000 volunteers!

A recent letter sent by Kim Johnson, NAHT National President, to the Prime Minister received an encouraging response with some of the content reproduced below …………..

‘I was pleased to read about the work that Primary Futures is doing and would like to commend all those involved for the work they are doing to make it a success. It is important for children to see the relationship about what they are learning in school and the world of work they will enter after it. Children who understand the possibilities that academic achievement can open up for them are far more likely to be motivated to achieve.

The chance to meet people working in a range of different jobs and industries is particularly important for children from disadvantaged backgrounds who may have few successful role models of their own, either at home or in their communities. The more we can broaden the aspirations of these pupils, the better’.

As we begin our planning for 2017 we look forward very much to welcoming the Prime Minister and other senior figures joining us for one of our Primary Futures events around the country to see the impact first hand. We look forward to their ongoing support!

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By Steve Iredale

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