Primary Futures event with UBS

ubs-2Last week saw Inspiring the Future hold another fantastic event as part of our Primary Futures campaign. This time we partnered with UBS on Tuesday 27th September to hold an event for 10-11 year olds in London.

180 Year 6 pupils from schools in Hackney and Islington attended the event, which coincided with the City of London giving day. Two Sheriffs of the Lord Mayor of London, Charles Bowman and Christine Rigden, were amongst the volunteers taking part.

The aim of the event was for children in the run up to the transition from primary to secondary school to find out about the vast range of careers in a company like UBS. This is naturally a daunting move for any child to make so the chance to talk with professionals and find out about the vast career options they could pursue in later life highlighted the wonderful possibilities the future holds.

The pupils and volunteers enjoyed a ‘What’s My Line?’ event. UBS managing directors Paul Graham, Catherine Lenson Darren Allaway, who used to be a professional basketball player and is now involved with the charity London Schools and the Black Child, were on the panel. The volunteers were asked a series of insightful questions by the pupils about the different languages they speak at work and the different countries they visit. This was a fantastic way of encouraging the children to make links between the different skills and interests that can be put to use in a wide range of careers.

The children also took part in a ‘speed career networking’ event where they were able to talk to the volunteers in small groups and ask them more in depth questions about their educational journey and career path.

Thank you to all the schools and volunteers who attended to ensure another great event.

To sign up to volunteer just one hour a year to talk to school children visit


By Steve Iredale

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