Primary Futures update for the recent meeting of the NAHT Executive

The National Association of Headteachers meets 5 times a year and as Primary Futures is led by the NAHT I provide a report on recent activity and future plans so that all members of the executive are fully aware of developments and indeed how they can help to spread the word. I have taken some excerpts from my report presented last week in Nottingham and reproduced them below for information.

Launch of apprentices in primary schools
Last month saw Nadhim Zahawi MP, the Apprentice’s Tsar, join over 30 apprentices from many different walks of life at an event at Mayflower Primary School in East London.
Our blog also featured what was a brilliant days activities

Primary Futures and special schools
Plans are due to be unveiled by the Chair of the SEND Committee in June regarding the expansion of Primary Futures into the world of special schools. This is an exciting development for the Inspiring the Future family, one which needs detailed planning to meet the specific needs of the children and young people. It is hoped we will have an announcement at the NAHT Conference in early May.

East Anglia, Birmingham and North Tyneside
We are currently working with colleagues from a number of different areas around the country including the Reach2 Academy Trust on an exciting PF project led by middle leaders which will also have a strong research element in the planning and delivery. Thanks to Lorie for the introduction and support! Work with the Birmingham Education Partnership is developing as Primary Futures will hopefully be a central theme in a series of careers based activities in June this year. I have also met with school leaders and senior staff from the North Tyneside Trust and am watching with interest to see how we can support their positive work in the north east. Thanks Angi!
One of this year’s major developments will be in Blackpool, which ties in with our coastal town’s campaign. Andy M is instrumental in working with colleagues and the Challenge Board in a project with partners including Primary Futures which will not only develop the profile of Blackpool but will also bring schools and local businesses together in a unique way. Like the other projects mentioned here we will be sharing blue prints and ideas via our website for other areas to use, adapt and develop for the benefit of the children and their communities. Of course there are many other ongoing events and activities organised by individual schools around the country using the website and messaging system to contact volunteers.

Expansion into Wales and Northern Ireland
With Chief Medical Officer visits to schools in Belfast and South Wales in the autumn term we have already dipped our PF toe in the water! Having met with the NAHT Cymru Executive in December plans are now being developed for a few test pilots in early summer this year with a national launch date to be agreed. NI development still sits with the NI Executive.

Publicity materials have been reviewed and updated including a new version of our A5 publicity leaflet which has recently been published. We are also looking at updating our main video, which was launched at the NAHT Conference in Liverpool earlier this year, to include clips from politicians who replaced those who are no longer holding the posts they had prior to the last election!
A growing number of videos and clips are now hosted on our YouTube channel with photos from recent Primary Futures and other Inspiring the Future events at

So what’s next?
Invitations to branch and regional events are as ever gratefully received and we are also happy to attend conferences or local gatherings with a PF stand. We guarantee to do our best to get one of us along to do a presentation and talk about the practicalities and benefits of Primary Futures.
We continue to reflect on the impact of our work so far examining other ways to involve and encourage schools to join us and become active whilst working with the NAHT and Education and Employers on project sustainability. Getting the views of a wide group of users and non-users continues to prove helpful so any ideas or suggestions from NAHT Executive members, the Practice Committee and those in schools who have used or are planning to use Primary Futures are most welcome.
Time to join Primary Futures ……….. ‘Our Children their Futures’.
Why wouldn’t you?

By Steve Iredale

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