So what do some of our volunteers think about Primary Futures?

After Primary Futures activities and events we always enjoy receiving feedback from our volunteers and of course the staff and children. The following provide a brief flavour of some we have had after our Mayflower Primary School Apprentices afternoon.
Safina Ilyas, Technolgy Apprentice, RBS
Having done a few talks with sixth form students before, speaking to primary school students was a totally new experience. The children were both engaging and enthusiastic, making our talks a lot easier. Each child was keen and a lot of questions were answered. Showing the children what I do for a living was loads of fun too, as it seemed as though a few were hoping to go down the same path as mine; software and web development. It also came as a surprise that the children knew at what age they could open up a bank account when I had no idea (and I’m in the banking field!!), smart and intelligent kids.

Jessica McKeever, NO 10
Thanks so much for yesterday it was a very good experience. Very well organised, very informative and Nadhim was great! There was such a range of apprentices, it really gave a wide variety of the apprenticeship market for the children, and the children themselves were a pleasure to be around- very intrigued and aspirational to say the least. Thank you so much for inviting me to come along, and please do contact me for future events (pardon the pun) as I’m very keen to do more!

Franco Costella, Baml
It was a really interesting and rewarding afternoon with some humour thrown in (particularly when the children of one class asked me when I did my apprenticeship – followed by Wow you must be really old!)

Ishaak Khan, CBRE
All in all was a great first time experience for myself to express myself in front of the public and to speak openly. Definitely a great learning experience. Always ready to help out the team in future

I’m still buzzing from Monday!
What a fantastic day, just a quick thank you for involving me in this. Two children aspired to be tax officers by the time I left so I’m taking Monday as a win. More than happy too volunteer some more time if ever needed.

Maybe it’s time you joined us as a school or as a volunteer?

By Steve Iredale

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