Primary Futures and Apprentices at Mayflower Primary School – 25th January

Raising the profile of apprenticeships and their importance has recently been highlighted by the Secretary of State and leaders of industry. I guess one of the many challenges faced by schools is helping to raise this profile whilst being continually battered by a succession of policies from governments of all persuasions which perhaps haven’t exactly encouraged this approach. Hopefully the tide is turning?

In the world of primary education we fully recognise the importance of helping to raise aspirations giving children a taste of future possibilities helping to bring their learning to life by supporting teachers through Primary Futures. This week we are holding one of our flagship events at Mayflower Primary School in Tower Hamlets as part of the apprentices agenda. The invitation below provides a flavour of what the afternoon holds. Watch this space for our national press release and photos and comment from the event itself. For more information about Primary Futures please check out this link

Dear XX
We are delighted to invite you to join us for a special event on 25 January from 13.00 – 15.00 with the Prime Minister’s recently appointed Apprenticeship, Advisor, Nadhim Zahawi MP, at Mayflower Primary School in Tower Hamlets.
The event will see 30 apprentices from different employers join Nadhim Zahawi MP and other guests to chat to primary school children about their jobs.
We know that for children of primary age, making a connection between what they learn in the classroom and how it relates to the world of work isn’t easy. Primary Futures is intended to change that. Children who can see the relationship between what they are learning and the possibilities it opens up for them in later life are likely to be far more motivated achieve.
This event aims to broaden the horizons of primary schools children, help them see the links between their lessons and their futures and reduce gender specific stereotyping. We welcome your support with this!
Primary Futures sees people from a wide range of professions and different backgrounds – from apprentices to CEOs, archaeologists to zoologists – give an hour to visit their local school where they talk about their job to enthuse the children about the opportunities open to them and how important literacy and numeracy are.
At the event you will get the opportunity to visit classrooms to meet groups of children, chat about your job and answer their questions. This informal approach encourages children to engage with you, which in turn broadens their horizons and builds on their communication skills

By Steve Iredale

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