Pint and crisps …………….. £5.80?

The first day back on the road in 2016 was a great way to start the new year as I met with Edwina and Julie from Edison Learning to discuss partnership working between Edison and Primary Futures and links to the NAHT and Edison led ‘Aspire’ programme  The venue, The Wellcome Collection cafe on Euston Road was a pleasant change from the usual hotels and the occasional coffee establishment! It began with an opportunity for me to vent my opinions on the latest carnage which is being apparently thrust upon schools care of a press release in the usual Sunday papers!! Old habits die hard!
Having got that off my chest ……….. we had a really positive discussion about Primary Futures, the history, our aims and plans for expansion and the ongoing success and impact of Aspire on the schools that are part of the project. It was really encouraging to hear how this school led model is impacting across the clusters and of course the children. Unsurprisingly we have much in common with a shared belief about raising children’s aspirations in providing opportunities for them to develop their skills for life which are so essential in today’s world. No one doubts the importance of academic excellence however it should not be the only measure of success as we all know only too well! We departed our separate ways to have a further think about how we can develop our partnership not only sharing materials and website information but also the possibility of sharing the platform at future events. Lots to think about! If the rest of the year is as positive as this bring it on!
Can’t say I was impressed however at having a pint and a bag of crisps for the princely sum of £5.80 ahead of my return journey. When I asked the barman if the price was correct he pointed out it was a large bag! Well that’s okay then!

By Steve Iredale

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