2016 Promises to be an Exciting Year! 

As 2015 slowly becomes a distant memory the Primary Futures team are all looking forward with tremendous optimism to 2016. We achieved a great deal in what was our first full year of Primary Futures. Over 2000 schools have joined us with 26,000 plus volunteers and teachers sending nearly 10,000 messages to volunteers. Whilst we continued to hold a series of high profile events across the country it has been exciting to see so many local events and activities being organised and led by schools which is one of our key aims. We have also seen more schools recognising the added value volunteers can make in inspiring their children as they looked at their curriculum and identified opportunities to use volunteers across the school year. Our curriculum resources developed by teachers helped to support this development http://www.inspiringthefuture.org/schools-and-colleges/primary-futures-primary-schools/

So what have we got planned for 2016?

We remain determined to register more schools and volunteers supporting the development of both single events and series of activities working with individual and groups of schools. We’re also optimistic we can expand the team to provide more support on the ground across the country although we need to find the money to help us achieve this! Primary Futures is due to launch later this year in Wales led by NAHT Cymru with similar developments across the water in Northern Ireland. We are planning a SEND version of Primary Futures to join the Inspiring the Future family http://www.inspiringthefuture.org The approach may be different bearing in mind the specific needs of the children and young people but will still be focused very much on raising aspirations through employer engagement. Our coastal towns project will gather pace with a major series of activities planned for Blackpool ……..other areas to follow we hope! We are also looking forward to developing activities with the Reach2 Academy Trust in Essex and East Anglia, the Birmingham Education Partnership and with colleagues in the North Tyneside Trust to name but a few! High profile events will continue as we seek to share the potential of Primary Futures beginning with an apprentices focused day in East London in January. 2016 will indeed be an exciting year! Maybe it’s time your school or business joined us to help raise the aspirations of the next generation. Why wouldn’t you?

By Steve Iredale

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