North to Newcastle and colleagues from the North Tyneside Learning Trust

Getting up at 5.30am in the morning is not a good idea!! Expecting traffic trouble on the journey north to Hadrian’s Park Primary School an early start was the order of the day. Shame it didn’t work as I was still delayed on both the A1 and the Tyne Tunnel.

IMG_3413My morning (eventually) was spent working with colleagues from the Churchill family of schools who are all part of the North Tyneside Learning Trust, a group of 40 plus schools looking at the possibilities that Primary Futures might offer the schools and children. It was ever really positive to meet like minded, enthusiastic colleagues and to be a part of their discussions. Lots of interesting ideas were discussed but as ever it is now left with the schools to decide what is best for them and how their ideas could perhaps work across the trust. Getting schools in the trust registered would be a great starting point! After the presentation I had the opportunity to tour Hadrian’s Park to meet the children and to hear all about the progress the school is making. I was impressed! Onward and upward!

Then it was the short journey to Stephenson Memorial Primary School hear more about the trust and to meet a member of staff who has a lead role in raising children’s aspirations working with external bodies and employers amongst others. Hopefully Primary Futures will be able to support her in the development of appropriate learning programmes with our volunteer database being a key component. Before departing I had the chance to look round the school with the boss to hear and see their really innovative approach to tackling the challenges of the latest new curriculum. I love the enquiry and question based approach! As ever I cannot fail to be inspired by the determination of those in the profession to make the questionable policies of successive governments work for the benefit of all children. I can’t wait to see how Primary Futures can help to support their development.

By Steve Iredale

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