Primary Futures and Reach2 in Colchester

On one of those dark, damp autumn days I arrived once more at Wakefield Westgate Station at 8.00am ahead of the journey south. First to Kings Cross then across to Liverpool Street for the 50  minute journey to Colchester. It was the Monday after the grim events in Paris so I was not surprised to arrive in what felt an unusually quiet capital city.

The mood brightened as I was looking forward to visiting Unity Primary Academy in Colchester to work with colleagues in the Reach2 Academy Trust from the East Anglia cluster On arrival at Colchester Station I had a short taxi journey to the school with a taxi driver who had what could probably be termed ‘extreme views’ on how to solve the worlds problems! He certainly spoke his mind!

I arrived at the school to a welcoming reception area and office staff and was quickly whisked away to meet a sea of expectant faces. I’m never sure what to expect but was made very welcome by the assembled multitude. Even the technology worked perfectly which is always a bonus! The following 45 minutes seemed to go very quickly as I shared a Primary Futures presentation and engaged in discussion with colleagues. As ever it was important to stress that PF is school led. We are happy to support in any way we can but the project has to be owned by the schools. I can see some real middle leaders possibilities coming out of the session and will be watching with interest to see where this group of schools take it next. A big thank to you all for the opportunity to share with you :).

By Steve Iredale

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