Planning your curriculum for the next school year?

The following email has been sent to schools across the country flagging up the opportunities to inspire your children and raise their aspirations through joining the growing Primary Futures family. If you haven’t seen it you have now!

Dear Colleagues,

With the end of term in sight many of you will be well advanced in planning next year’s curriculum and activities. I am therefore writing to remind you about the free Primary Futures service – it’s been designed to help children better see the relevance of what they are learning, particularly at Key Stage 2 especially in science, maths and English in order to broaden and raise their future aspirations.  It is simple, but effective and hundreds of primaries across the country are already using the system to find brilliant local volunteers who can help bring learning to life.

Our database allows you to search for volunteers in your area who are willing to come into your school and chat to children about their job and why what they learnt at primary school was so important.

Over 23,000 people have volunteered already – from archaeologists to zoologists, apprentices to CEOs.

And OFSTED have acknowledged the importance of volunteers saying “Inspections have shown that where young people are introduced to the world of work early on in their schooling, they are more likely to see the relevance of their learning to their later lives. It is clear that engaging with local employers can be a highly effective means of broadening and raising young people’s aspirations and motivating them to achieve.”

You can invite volunteers at any time of the year to fit the needs of your curriculum across KS1 and KS2 but during October we are organising a campaign called Who’s in Health? During the month schools are encouraged to invite volunteers from the health care sector – GPs, nurses, hospital doctors, ambulance drivers, high street pharmacists, dieticians to name a few to visit their school and chat to children how they use science, maths and English in their job – helping to bring learning to life.

There are thousands of volunteers to choose from once you have registered your school – Log in here to see who is available in your area or contact us. The Primary Futures team can offer lots of support with finding suitable volunteers and ideas for activities, so do get in touch if you have any questions by calling 020 7566 4880 or emailing me

To see what Primary Futures is all about here is a very short video clip And to see an example of Primary Futures in action with Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, playing What’s my Line? See:
Spreading the Primary Futures message works particularly well by word of mouth so please forward this email to friends, family and colleagues in both your own and other schools who may be interested – and follow us on twitter @PrimaryFutures

With best wishes,


P.S. Look out next week for our annual survey – letting us know what you think about the service helps to keep it free for schools.

Telephone 0207 566 4880 Email us at:
Follow us: @Edu_employers

By Steve Iredale

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