Primary Futures and 3 Barnsley primary schools

I had a great afternoon this week sharing our Primary Futures thinking with very enthusiastic senior leaders from 3 primary schools in my old local authority of Barnsley. They are planning to work together in the summer term on a joint event to be held at St Michael and All Angels involving children in years 5 and 6 across all 3 schools. An exciting idea! We went through a presentation on the aims of PF, how other schools have used the concept and looked in detail at the website and support videos. 

However I think the most powerful part of the afternoon was the practical aspect. We logged on to the portal and looked at the interesting array of volunteers already signed up in the locality and began to think about the possibilities. They also seemed very taken with the idea of starting the event with a ‘What’s My Line’ type activity, which can be seen as both fun but also a good way to tackle gender stereotyping. They were all very enthusiastic about getting friends they know to also sign up as volunteers which was really positive and remains essential as PF expands. More schools registering and becoming active means we need more volunteers to work with us. Why don’t you register? It was also valuable to be part of discussions about how PF can be built into the curriculum and not just just seen as a one off event which I see as the way forward. This promises to be an exciting start of the PF journey for these schools and their children. 

By Steve Iredale

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