Winchester is a long way …………… but well worth it!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share Primary Futures with colleagues from the NAHT South Central Region at a meeting in Winchester. Certainly a long way from home but a very worthwhile experience. I stopped over night with the current NAHT Vice President which broke the journey south. We found a good pub in Northampton to pass the time! The following morning we drove the 100 plus miles through grim traffic around Oxford and Newbury to our destination. Quite how folks do this everyday is beyond me!

The meeting was well attended by colleagues covering a wide variety of LA’s from many different school backgrounds. It was interesting, but I suppose no surprise to hear that the old challenges I used to face are still there! I used Prezi to share and discuss PF which seemed to go down well. During my slot I had the opportunity to highlight a number of key issues which included –

  • Where PF fits into the Inspiring the Future family ;
  • How to use the website to register and for other information;
  • Contacting volunteers – we looked at the 433 currently signed up in Hampshire;
  • What your school events might look like – sharing case studies and events I have observed.

UntitledThere was an encouraging level of enthusiasm and genuine interest which was great to see. I also stressed that whilst high profile PR events to get publicity and media interest are important to the project as whole the real impact is on the ground with children and local volunteers who can do so much to help raise aspirations.

I was also able to share the changes which were made this week to the Inspiring the Future Portal (screenshot on the left) which are highlighted in the letter below sent to all signed up teaching staff.

Dear Teacher,

We are pleased to announce a major upgrade of the technology which powers Primary Futures – Inspiring the Future. This has been done to make it easier for you to find and message volunteers. Many thanks all of you who provided feedback and ideas on how the free service could be improved. If you do have any questions please get in touch by e-mail or phone 020 7566 4880.

We now have over 18,500 volunteers from 5,000 organisations who have already collectively spoken to more than 450,000 young people – and scores of new volunteers are signing up every day.

The upgrade coincides with the publication today of our latest annual review The Review provides updates on our work highlighting the Inspiring Women campaign kindly supported by our key strategic partner Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Also featured is Primary Futures which was launched in partnership with the NAHT in October to help children relate what they are learning in the classroom to the world of work. 1,700 primary schools have already signed up, inviting volunteers to visit and talk to children, helping them to see the relevance of numeracy and literacy and broaden and raise their aspirations.

Primary Futures is part of Inspiring the Future which is free service run by the charity Education and Employers Taskforce. This free service relies on people spreading the word rather than on expensive marketing.

Please can you help us by forwarding this e-mail to another colleague in your or another school who you think might be interested. Or to someone you think might be willing to volunteer for Primary Futures – someone who could give up an hour a year to go into a primary school like yours and talk to children about how their job relates to what happens in the classroom.

Best wishes

Nick Chambers

Please note our new address and phone number

Education and Employers Taskforce
Challoner House
19-21 Clerkenwell Close
London EC1R 0RR

Telephone 0207 566 4880

Email us at:

Follow us: @Edu_employers

By Steve Iredale

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