Snow falls but Primary Futures never rests!

IMG_2120The best laid plans of mice and men didn’t bargain for this much overnight snow across West and South Yorkshire. It’s certainly very scenic but has the unfortunate habit of getting in the way of work. Dodgy roads and a number of school closures meant that a planned meeting in Barnsley with a federation of three schools was postponed for a couple of weeks. We are working with them planning some Primary Futures activities in the summer term ………… when hopefully the weather improves! A full report will appear in our blog when it happens.

So instead it was a day writing a speech and preparing a presentation on Prezi ahead of speaking engagements in Winchester, Durham, York and Barnsley next month. It’s really encouraging to get so many opportunities to share the Primary Futures message with school leaders, teachers and businesses.

One of the ongoing challenges is to engage with all schools so they can see the potential benefits of using Primary Futures to inspire their children. Sometimes other ‘priorities’ get in the way ……………… as a recently retired headteacher I know that only too well! Whilst speaking engagements and presentations certainly play their part there is no doubt that word of mouth from those who have run an event or series of events is even more powerful. As we continue to build and develop our website we are looking to provide opportunities for schools to share their PF experiences in the very near future, which we hope will inspire others to join us. If you haven’t yet had a look at what we have to offer check out

By Steve Iredale

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