My first visit to Clerkenwell Close

During the last 18 months or so working with Primary Futures I have become very familiar with the trek from Kings Cross to Holborn, the home of the Education and Employers team, so today it was out of my comfort zone as I wandered into the unchartered territory of Farringdon! Not quite the days of Livingstone’s early expeditions although without my trusty iPad it might have been! EET have moved their base since my last visit and are now how housed in the much more interesting location of Clerkenwell Close. There are some fascinating buildings and some of the local pubs will certainly be worth exploring on a future visit!
Today was mainly about planning the next stage in the development of Primary Futures whilst reflecting on progress made since our national launch in October 2015

It was great to be working not only with the PF team but also to welcome Steven George from NAHT HQ as we discussed a joint communications strategy in order to maximise publicity opportunities to maintain and develop the current high profile of our project. Good to see NAHT being so proactive.
We spent a lot of time looking at the current PF signing up process identifying possible improvements we can make in both the long and short terms. We are really keen to encourage schools to see Primary Futures as more than just a one off event but rather more to see the volunteer database as a year round resource to enhance children’s learning. We are currently looking to find a way for schools who have held PF activities to share their experiences to hopefully encourage others to join up. Learning from each other has become a PF strength.
As the meeting ran its course and the lure of the train north got closer we shared some thinking around a celebration of all things Primary Futures for later this year. There is much work to be done but we do think looking back over 12 months in October 2015 will be valuable. As ever watch this space!
Any thoughts or comments about PF and our now greatly improved, more user friendly website etc are always welcome via this blog or via email to me, Charlotte or Basit – our email addresses are behind the Useful Contacts tab at the topp of the home page. .

By Steve Iredale

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