Primary Futures in Barnsley

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to share Primary Futures updates with colleagues from my old local authority in a breakfast meeting at the Holiday Inn. The bacon butties as ever were excellent!

It was great to meet up with colleagues, but a touch depressing to see the old problems still impacting in a negative way on schools. Oh for the day when education is no longer a political football! However the gloom was lifted when I shared the Primary Futures video, which you can see by clicking on the About Primary Futures tab, and talked about the launch in October, the impact of some local PF activity  and some of our future plans for 2015.

PF bookletIt was also really encouraging to hear about PF events being planned in Barnsley in the near future using some of the 60 plus volunteers already signed up in the area. During the meeting I also provided copies of a recent publication, ‘A guide for primary school leaders working with employers and volunteers’ which schools seem to be finding useful.

It was very positive hearing from one of the assembled multitude how an Ofsted inspection team spoke highly of a PF style event and noted its positive impact on the children’s attitude to their learning. I think one of our ongoing challenges is to convince some schools that Primary Futures activities really can make a difference to children’s learning and that it is well worth building it into the curriculum as opposed to being part of a one off event. We like a challenge! I was delighted to be invited to work with a group of Barnsley schools in a couple of weeks time as they begin to plan some major PF activity. Exciting times indeed!




By Steve Iredale

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