Some reflections on our first Primary Futures year

From acorns mighty oaks grow!
Oaks Who would have imagined that our Primary Futures project would have got to where it has after just a few months activity? From the NAHT launch in Birmingham in May to the national launch at Lincoln’s Inn in London in October more schools and volunteers have signed up to join us, recognising the potential for inspiring our primary school children. This is massively encouraging but it is however merely a start. The challenge now is to continue to build momentum into and beyond 2015.

Of course like every iceberg much of what goes on behind the scenes is hidden below the waterline! I have had the great privilege of meeting and working with a great group of colleagues at the Education and Employers Taskforce charity. I think the best description is one of a driven, highly motivated team who focus collectively on the goal of changing the lives of children and young people by raising aspirations and encouraging a can do culture. We have certainly had some challenges and a lot of fun on the journey so far!

I have also been really encouraged as to how positively the NAHT are now embracing Primary Futures, celebrating our early impact but also how keen they are to plan with us for the future. It’s really helpful having a foot in both camps! This a positive partnership which will go from strength to strength.

Looking forward to 2015 is really exciting as we plan more high profile events across the country but also work with schools encouraging them to not only sign up for Primary Futures but to become actively involved. For some schools this might mean one off events but I am keen to push the notion of building the Primary Futures culture into the annual school calendar so it become fully embedded as part of the curriculum across all year groups.IMG_3075

I was asked recently during a radio interview what my vision was for Primary Futures. My response ……. ‘in five year time to see Primary Futures activities impacting in all schools and their children across the country’. Ambitious perhaps but having seen the potential and the impact to date why not!

During the year our blog will provide updates on Primary Futures activity but also provide some lighter moments which working with children always brings! Comments and ideas always welcome!

By Steve Iredale

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